Emmanuel Turushina


Emmanuel Turushina

My name is Emmanuel Turushina, Production Manager at Elokuent, Inc. I’m the youngest of the three brothers and also the most tech-savvy. In my short professional career, I’ve learned that quality and efficiency are key in delivering a great product.

I’ve had the opportunity to work for growing companies, where I’ve experienced the importance of great customer service. However, moving to the United States at young age with my family and pursuing our dream has been the most valuable experience thus far. By staying focused and dedicated, I earned my high school diploma in June of 2014, and I am now pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. At Elokuent,Inc. my main role is to build strong relationships with business partners and vendors to ensure the best quality in our products.

When I’m not in the production center, you will find me enjoying time with my family and friends, especially my two best friends, a rescue dog named Simba and Siberian Husky named Isis. I also enjoy learning about modern technologies, always finding ways to expand my knowledge in this technology-oriented culture.