Jaime Herrera


Jaime Herrera

My name is Jaime Herrera, Senior  Web Developer at Elokuent, Inc. My experience over the last 14 years in the world of the web, mobile and desktop development, opened my eyes to understand and fulfill customer’s technological needs.

It all started back in 2001, using Notepad as the tool to create plain html code websites, where simple images were the only possible animated elements online. A few years later, Flash animations kicked in and a new trend of interactive pages arrived thanks to the use of ActionScript. By this time, server-side languages (PHP), database tools (MySQL) and structured data files (XML, CSV) entered my life, showing me a huge and complete new world of posibilities, solutions and integrations.

As a graduate of Fundacion Academica de Dibujo Profesional with a Multimedia Developer B.A., minor in Webmaster, and thanks to my endless enthusiasm for the subject, I began teaching web design and web development at a college level. Shortly after, I moved to Bogota, expanding my knowledge even more as I worked for IT departments for varios companies in the network marketing and communications field. Creating responsive Websites, CMS & CRM’s customizations, network and Email marketing solutions, Web service integration to contact center applications, SMS and mobile development and digital signage creation.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Ruby, and my daughter, Juanita. One of my personal hobbies is building puzzles which helps me strengthen my creative mind for possible new Web tools, apps, developments and everything that involves coding.