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Elokuent, Inc. is a true example of how a young dream became a reality. It all began in a living room, where we created the “wow” factor for the significant events in our friends’ and families’ lives. Birthday party invitations, graduation posters, or how to promote a new business—what ever the occasion, we made it unforgettable. Shortly after, our designs and approach pushed us into bigger projects, and we became the one-stop advertising agency for well-known businesses in Orlando. In 2013, Elokuent, Inc. was established.

Our mission is to always provide a full range of services and be the one-stop creative agency dedicated to assist with all your design, advertising, promotional and Web-based needs. Our services range from the creation of a unique, elegant image to high-quality prints to a strong and innovative introduction to the virtual world. We understand this is a competitive era, one where time is the scarcest resource—hence our motto: Focus on your business; Let us take care of the rest. We are here to help.

Elokuent is hands-down the best graphic design and web development team on the face of the Earth. No joke. We have been working with the Elokuent team since they started their business – working on our own business’ website, and also on the websites of our clients. They are incredible partners: creative, responsive, authentic, transparent and good, good, good people. The epitomy of a professional, ethical and quality work experience. Highly recommend them.

Samí Haiman-MarreroURBANDER | President & CEO
Creative Director
Operations Director
Senior Graphic Designer
Junior Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager
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